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The Armani SILOS

| Fashion | No Comments
I had a friend invite me to go to the "Armani Silos," yet I had no idea what it was. She said it was the first sunday of the month,...

Traveling in Italy (using metaphors) – Another Rant

| Travel | No Comments

Here is another one of my rants on Italy, this time I used a bunch of metaphors and similes. Some of  these metaphors are actually based off of real things, like travelling for an hour and a half and the place you are going to…

Airport troubles and Heading Home

| Travel | No Comments

The day I left was difficult. It was my flight to go home. Milan Linate airport was super foggy and thus getting the plane to London took some extra time. We left late, delayed the landing, then also delayed our taxi to the gate. It…

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