Brussels, Belgium

Ah the Capitol of Belgium, the Capitol of Flanders, and the Capitol of the EU. Call me a nerd, but visiting the EU parliament was probably the highlight of my sightseeing in Brussels.

The EU Parliament, where countries of Europe come together to resolve conflict and promote human rights
The EU Parliament, where countries of Europe come together to resolve conflict and promote human rights

I stayed with another Couchsurfer, a French speaking guy who happened to live right near the train station. We dropped my stuff off at his place and went out to see some of Brussels and hit up some bars. Continue reading “Brussels, Belgium”

Bruges, Belgium

Trying Belgium Beers with new friends in Bruges
Trying Belgium Beers with new friends in Bruges

This Medieval town is small, quaint, and should definitely be a stop if you ever make it to Belgium. I saw the blood of Jesus Christ, and Michelangelo’s “Madonna and Child,” one of few of his sculptures outside of Italy. I ate a waffle and bought some handmade chocolate. Bruges is full of smaller brick houses, canals, and made up almost entirely of cobblestone. Continue reading “Bruges, Belgium”


Tomorrowland is the definition of a melting pot, in one of the most amazing ways. Standing in a field seeing flags from almost every country, everyone dancing in unison and having the absolute time of their life. Everyone is happy to see you, because everyone is happy at tomorrowland. They need no worries and all they have to do is smile.

There was this moment at the main stage, where they were showing clips from the UNITE events happening around the world. UNITE events stream tomorrowland live on big screens and with loud speakers and special effects. It gives you that festival crowd vibe even if you can’t make the festival. The main stage was showing clips of people dancing from all over the world and celebrating us and the power of music. Every continent had at least one event. It reminds us that in the end, we as humans, we are all one. We are connected even if we have different culture and speak different languages.

With a big group of fellow Americans

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Videos From Roskilde & Copenhagen

I put together clips from my GoPro and created a video for Roskilde Fest and Copenhagen. I’m currently working on one from germany, so stay tuned!



You’ll be redirected to my facebook page. Youtube was not happy with my song choices, but the videos are posted as public on facebook so everyone should be able to watch.

Antwerp, Belgium

Another beautiful European city.


Today was my first day in Belgium. Mmmm chocolate and pomme frites and waffles and ice cream galore! I stayed with a couchsurfer about 10 miles outside of the city center of Antwerp, he dropped me off and picked me up on the way to and from his commute so it worked out quite well. The bike-sharing system is only 3.80 Euro a day, so once again I biked all around the city.

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Quick Guide to Berlin Nightlife

I talked to several locals and Berlin enthusiasts and thought I would share some of their suggestions with the World Wide Web. 

First of all….

Tourist club or Berlin club?

Tourist clubs are those that are large, flashy, have lots of lights, and play a variety of popular music. A Berlin club is usually “weird,” as one local told me. Weird meaning it feels a little shady and there can be some strange people inside. Berlin clubs are usually dimly lit, grungier, and play the Berlin sound. Berlin is known for techno and there is A LOT of techno. If you like deep house, funk, acid house, etc you’ll probably also like this scene a lot. (Fact check plzzz) There is the basic four on the floor beat plus a variety of layers, typically really heavy sounds that build on each other to create a dark and almost spooky ambience. Don’t expect anyone to “drop the bass” or play popular songs you may hear on the radio. How do people tolerate listening to this heavy music sometimes for over 30 hours nonstop? Apparently Ketamine. You can find it pretty easily because people on the street will look at you and discreetly ask or gesture. Although I don’t encourage any of that, those people are shady, and we saw some pretty messed up looking people at the club.

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Cologne, Germany


I was astonished by the Cologne Cathedral! Just look at it and look at all the detail, all the costs, all the labor that went into building every single piece. I walked around and marveled this building for a good half hour.

The Cathedral started construction in 1248, but work was halted in 1473 and then eventually finished in 1880. It is the most visited building in all of Germany with 20,000 visitors on average every day. I was surprised it survived the bombings, but it was hit by 14 bombs, yet the two top doms never came down. Continue reading “Cologne, Germany”

Amsterdam by Bike


What a scary place to be riding a bike! Right of way does not exist here, it’s pretty much just don’t get run over and *try* not to get into anyone’s way.

I met a girl, Mel, on my walking tour of Amsterdam and we decided to rent bikes together. The Dutch bike was 9 euro for a day. It only had pedal braking, but we went for it anyways. It was so difficult and scary!! Not wonder no one stops for anyone, it’s so hard!!

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