July 2nd – Roskilde Festival

By July 3, 2016Music, Personal

Things have gotten better. I saw Macklemore a couple nights ago and it was a great party. Last night I was blown away by DJ PayPal, playing bass music mixed with hard techno. It was fast, loud, but had a good mix of bass and treble counterparts.

It’s still hard with the language barrier, and being all mostly alone here, but I’ve gotten better at coping. I showered again today and it was great. I think it’s getting colder. When I went to Copenhagen for the day I picked up some more clothes at the thrift shop, including a windbreaker. That’s the Best Buy I’ve ever made.

I am very happy today is the last day and tomorrow morning this doesn’t exist anymore. It’s been a very challenging week, but I’m almost done and I survived!!! I’m ready to leave Denmark on Monday and head to Germany. The weather in Denmark is awful, I’m so sick of this rain.

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