July 6th – Hamburg, Germany

It is past 5 and I have only eaten breakfast today. I’m at a restaurant on Schutterbahn street and ordered a spaghetti carbonara. It feels like an Italian restaurant, but there are German flags everywhere. I walked down this street a while before I settled on something that looked good. English is not as prominent here as the menus were all in German, but the staff still speak English.

My food just arrived. It only took about 5 minutes. Let’s see how good it is. It’s so hot I can’t even put the spaghetti in my mouth.


I finally figured out the name of this place “Il Camino.” It’s Italian judging from the use of “il.”

The more I eat this, the worse it starts to taste. I’m in desperate need of some ice cream.

I’m beginning to get bored of being alone. It’s not my style. I like to surround myself with people and talk and laugh and smile and enjoy my time. I find that things aren’t as fun when you don’t have someone to share them with. I also find myself reflecting on people and friendships a lot more. I’m upset with having a hard time talking to people here! It is so hard to communicate with this huge barrier. I’m upset that so many people who I thought were my friends, could so easily forget me, or fail to support me in even the tiny ways. I’m upset that my favorite people are all so far away. I munch my food alone, in silence, and in slight agony (it’s not getting any tastier but I’m so hungry).


I got ice cream later, definitely made me feel better. Plus it only cost me 1,20 Euros.

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