Kirken Korshær Genbrug

Kirken Korshær Genbrug; Translation: Church Army Recycling 

European Thrift Shop with good prices. I wanted to mention this store specifically for anyone who is looking for cheap clothes in Copenhagen. I needed a jacket, but I didn’t want a nice jacket. I needed something cheap that wouldn’t hurt if it was lost or damaged.

I originally went to the Rødes Kors – Munufea, which is a thrift store owned by the “Red Cross.” They have several locations, but this one is somewhat bigger. There is a Rødes Kors a block or two away with only clothing, clothing which is nicer and higher priced. I found a few items at this Red Cross and bought them, but I thought I would give the Kirken a try.

I immediately noticed that the Kirken Korshær Genbrug had lower prices than the Rødes Kor. Most of the stuff was comparable quality or better. I found pants at the Rødes for minimum 50 kr, while I found pants at the Kirken for as low as 35 kr PLUS 50% off.

Address: Falkoner Alle 32, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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