Berlin Storytime

Berlin has been a fun place, I’ve finally made some friends and met some great people. I’ve seen a lot of amazing places full of art, history, music, and more. Here are a few of my crazy stories from Berlin.

Our group from the park

Beer, Breakfast, and Time
When this is said in German, it is supposed to be funny and bring about a chuckle. When translated to English, it’s confusing and unnatural. We were hanging out at the Tempelhof Feld, a giant park in southeast Berlin that used to be an old airport. This guy comes up to us, not homeless, but seems to be a wanderer. He asks us if we can spare “20 cents for beer, breakfast, and time.”

We’re a little confused on what this means and unsure of what to do. My dandy ole business mind kicks into gear and I start to question why I should give him money. I hate when people come up to me and ask for money, especially in seemingly random situations. I explain that I’m a business student and that I understand that time is money, and I want a “product” in return for essentially giving him my time. I ask him if he knows any jokes or a story and that I would be glad to give him what he wants in exchange for very brief entertainment.

Due to the language barrier, and my poorly worded analogy, he digs in his pocket and pulls out a 50c coin. He hands it to me and tells me I probably need it more than he does. AKA he thinks my life sucks more than his. After that awkward encounter he walks away and we look at each other in disbelief that he just did that. We decide to give him one of our beers. We watch as he sits in the distance, listening to music and drinking his beer.

Neither of our sides were wrong. I wanted a reason to give him money and he thought we were too materialistic to even part with 20c. In the end it worked out for both parties, we had a wacky story, and he got a beer. Cheers mate.

In the Underground tunnel
In the Underground tunnel

I am Not a Good Tour Guide

It’s a Saturday night in Berlin. My last night here, as well as my new friend’s last night here. Our makeshift travel group wanted to check out another one of the clubs in Berlin. We wanted to go to Sisyphus. We left the park around 22:41 and started making the rounds to everyone’s accommodations. 01:30 we were finally ready to head down to the club. Only thing was it was going to take a whole hour to get there by public transit.

I had a bunch of clubs starred on my Google Maps app, thanks to an Australian at my hostel who loves Berlin and has visited many a times. Brunnen 70 was 20 minutes away and I was told it was fun with lots of lights and several rooms. We got to the star and tried walking into a hostel. We stood around very confused, until this guy told us to follow him behind the alleyway to a chalkboard backdoor with writing, “Brunnen 70. Disko. Funk.” I was excited to go in, but the rest of my group was a little sketched out. By this time our group had added this guy and girl we met on the train who were still up and down to party. They lived in Berlin and told us they were fine with the club, but a lot of clubs in Berlin are just weird like this. No one else wanted to check it out, so we looked on the map and started to head to Golden Gate, a 10 minute train ride away.

We tried to convince this group of Australians we met in the train to come to the club with us, but we did end up bringing a New Zealander along. The star on Google says “Golden Gate,” but there is no actual building there. We go to the star and find only a forested area. After asking some directions, and praying the 1% on my phone lasts, we figured out where it actually is, a couple blocks away under the railroad. We pay 10 euro each to get out and find it is small and only one room big. Locals have told us, “this is the coolest club in Berlin.” It definitely feels like Berlin. Techno, grungy, dimly lit with reddish tone, and open very late. 

The music was kind of weak and first and we started to regret paying 10 euro each for entrance. Since we paid though, we wanted to stay at least an hour. The music got better and heavier and soon we were dancing and grooving. It was getting late and our feet were aching, our new friend “Vitor,” that we met on the train invited us to his house nearby to chill and relax. We weren’t quite ready to go home and go to bed, so this was the perfect opportunity.

We hung out for about an hour, talking, playing guitar, eating brazilian candy, and rehydrating. 6:00 and the bakery nearby opened, so we said our goodbyes, ate some sub-par baked goods, and we all went our separate directions.


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