Cologne, Germany


I was astonished by the Cologne Cathedral! Just look at it and look at all the detail, all the costs, all the labor that went into building every single piece. I walked around and marveled this building for a good half hour.

The Cathedral started construction in 1248, but work was halted in 1473 and then eventually finished in 1880. It is the most visited building in all of Germany with 20,000 visitors on average every day. I was surprised it survived the bombings, but it was hit by 14 bombs, yet the two top doms never came down.

Other good things about Cologne? The chocolate museum! Probably one of my favorite museums this whole trip. They talked about all the aspects of chocolate being made, including the cocoa bean and farming, labor, and processing.

I also spend some time at the botanicals gardens. The flowers were beautiful and it was nice walking a few trails.


I went with my Couchsurfing host and we also learned about the history of chocolate, the cultural significance, and some big chocolate companies. The Lindt company has an in-house mini chocolate factory where you get to learn all the steps of chocolate processing and see most of them in action. Plus the chocolate at the gift store is pretty cheap!

I didn’t do much else in Cologne, I went out to a club with my host and his flatmates. I mostly hung out with one of their girlfriends all night, we grooved and talked and it was very packed, especially for a Monday night.


They gave us this little chip card when we walked in. That’s what we use to pay for things inside and then we just pay off the balance when we leave. It’s definitely a way to get you to spend more money than you realize. Germans drink a lot, and they drink constantly. That club was bringing in quite a sum of money.


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