Bruges, Belgium

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Trying Belgium Beers with new friends in Bruges

Trying Belgium Beers with new friends in Bruges

This Medieval town is small, quaint, and should definitely be a stop if you ever make it to Belgium. I saw the blood of Jesus Christ, and Michelangelo’s “Madonna and Child,” one of few of his sculptures outside of Italy. I ate a waffle and bought some handmade chocolate. Bruges is full of smaller brick houses, canals, and made up almost entirely of cobblestone.


The “Madonna and Child” scuplture

The main aspects of Bruges are the following: chocolate, waffles, beer, and lace. The first 3 apply to all of Belgium, but the last is special to bruges. There are a lot of handmade lace stores, but be weary of “made in China” lace, you’ll know because it’ll be rather cheap. You’ll see lace in about 50% of the windows and dwellings in Bruges, maybe even more.

I think Bruges may have more chocolate shops than restaurants. That is how much chocolate there is. Try to find a chocolate shop that is less touristy and more local. I bought chocolate from the chocolate shop next to the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Make sure to eat a waffle! The waffle shops here are the best I have seen yet. For 5 euro I got all of this!

Waffle full of toppings

Waffle full of toppings

I attended a beer tasting at my hostel and tried 6 Belgium beers. The last of these is a Trappiste beer which means it was brewed by, or under the supervision of, monks. The money from this beer goes towards up-keeping the monastery and the profits are all donated to charity, so you can feel good about buying this beer.

The beers we sampled during the tasting

Every single beer is to be poured in its proper glass with the name of the beer on it. This leads to bars having more cups than your average bar.

Beers, and a lemon drink, with their respective cups

Beers, and a lemon drink, with their respective cups

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