Crossing the Jungle

I took a bus to London from Brussels. To get to England you have to go through the Port of Calais in France and take a Ferry over the water to the Port of Dover. In Calais you have to get off the bus and deal with UK border control, as the UK is not part of the Schengen region.

Leaving the Schengen Area.
Leaving the Schengen Area.

Calais is also home to several “jungle camps” full of migrants and refugees. They want to immigrate to the UK because they think they would have better opportunities there. To get to the UK they would have to sneak on buses or ferries or through the train tunnel. I was asleep on the bus when all of a sudden I heard the bus honking and swerving and sounded like some Debris was hitting the side of the bus. The driver apologized and make an announcement saying we were passing the camp and there was a blockade. We heard a couple more sounds of “debris” followed by blue flashing lights every few hundred meters.

I later asked the bus driver to clarify what had happened. He said that these refugees attack buses and if successful they will steal the luggage or hide out trying to escalate out of the camp. They put up giant blockades and logs in the road, and also through bricks and fireworks. He said the megabus coach behind us got a smashed window.

Image of Calais Jungle, Source: Wikipedia

I’ll have to travel back through Calais on my way to Paris, so I can only hope we get through the camp safely again. For more information on these camps, check out the Wikipedia page.

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