Belgium Montage Video

During my time in Belgium I visited Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, and Brussels. I did go to Boom for Tomorrowland, but since I had made a separate video for that, I didn’t include that in.

Featuring Odesza – “iplayyoulisten.”

First Few Days of School

I’m a rather anxious person, I tend to overthink things, which causes me to get nervous, and then start to doubt. As with all things, I’m nervous and skeptical. I’ll be studying on exchange at Bocconi University (Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi) for the next 4 months, so I better adjust the best I can.

The first week of school only consists of an Italian class and orientation activities. Italian class is boring, I’ve learn most of it through the Memrise app already (which I highly suggest if you are going abroad). The basics of a language are always boring, especially if you already are familiar with a Romance language.

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It’s Been a Rough Start in Milan

Milan, Italy is my new home for the next 4 months. I’m hoping that I grow to like this city and my first experiences don’t reflect the rest of my adventure.

I, along with three other girls from The University of Texas, are studying abroad here at Bocconi. We got two airbnb’s to stay in before we move into our apartment. The first night it was me, my boyfriend, and one of the girls who shared a tiny little apt. It had no hot water, no air conditioning, and no wifi. It was missing everything that millennials need. It was only one night and we said to ourselves, “oh it’ll get better.” Well no it didn’t.

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Traveling is NOT Glamorous

Let’s get one thing straight. What I’m doing is not glamorous. It’s not easy. It’s not like I’m relaxing and enjoying the culture 24/7. No. It’s rough. I can feel myself struggle. I cry. I breakdown. I worry.

I feel as a lot of travel blogs and a lot of people portray traveling around the world as this really glamorous and amazing thing to do. The social media facade shows that everything is amazing and perfect; you’re having fun with all your new best friends, you’re drinking on the beach, etc. One blog in particular irks me the most, I won’t say names but it just feels so fake and it’s one of the bigger ones out there!

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A Short Guide to Surviving Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful island with millions of tourists every year. You’ve probably heard about it’s world-famous nightlife, clubs such as Space and Pacha. Ibiza is so much more than that, it has beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches, and the beautiful dark blue water of the Mediterranean.


First things first. Ibiza is not as expensive as you would imagine. Yes you may pay 50 euro to get into a famous club on one of their big party nights, but entertainment aside being in Ibiza won’t entirely destroy your wallet. Hostels may be around 40-50 euros a night, hotels being around 100+ euro, airbnbs can be found starting around 65 euro. Food isn’t terribly priced either. I got a warm ham and cheese sandwich for 3 euro. You can get a smoothie for around 3 euros. Get some pizza for around 3 euro and on and on. The grocery stores don’t have too many options, but they are still reasonable priced. Continue reading “A Short Guide to Surviving Ibiza”

First 12 hours on the White Isle

What an adventure already! I didn’t have anywhere to stay that first night because my plane g0t in late and I couldn’t check in anywhere decently priced (note that I booked and researched for this back in may). I had just planned to go out my stuff down at a hostel and hang at a cafe.

You can't really tell, but this is from the inside of Sankeys.
You can’t really tell, but this is from the inside of Sankeys.

My night was better than expected! I met a group of Italian locals who let me put their stuff down and invited me out. I was (of course) a bit hesitant at first, but after chatting with them, I decided it would be okay. Continue reading “First 12 hours on the White Isle”

Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba is deemed the hottest city in Spain, and I can understand why. I splashed water on my legs and minutes later, it had all evaporated. I went with my dad’s cousin, Ilsabe. We took the “fast” train, a very smooth and very quick ride. Our first and main attraction was the “Mosque-Cathedral”.

It was built by the Christians in mid-6th century, to be used as the Visigoth Basilica of San Vicente.  The muslims arrived in the earth 8th century and the mosque part started to be built and expanded in 786. Then in 1236, was taken back by the christians, but still able to be used by the muslim faith. It is one of the biggest cathedrals I have seen and the most unique one because it is used by 2 separate faiths. You have the traditional crosses and Jesus murals of the Catholic Church, but you also have a vast corridor for praying and Islamic writings on one of the walls. Continue reading “Cordoba, Spain”


I myself have not been the victim of scams or pickpocketing (knock on wood), but I’ve heard a couple stories on people who have been taken advantage of.

Aussie I talked to in the Bruges hostel. Got scammed in Paris.

He was walking down the street and someone took his wrist and tied his wrist and the guy’s wrist together with a string. The person refused to undo it and demanded 20 euros. The Aussie didn’t even have that much, but he ended up paying him all his cash (10 euro) to get rid of him.

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