First 12 hours on the White Isle

What an adventure already! I didn’t have anywhere to stay that first night because my plane g0t in late and I couldn’t check in anywhere decently priced (note that I booked and researched for this back in may). I had just planned to go out my stuff down at a hostel and hang at a cafe.

You can't really tell, but this is from the inside of Sankeys.
You can’t really tell, but this is from the inside of Sankeys.

My night was better than expected! I met a group of Italian locals who let me put their stuff down and invited me out. I was (of course) a bit hesitant at first, but after chatting with them, I decided it would be okay. And it was! No weirdness, just good fun and dancing. They knew someone at Sanskey, so we all got in free, woohoo! Guess how much drinks are? 10 euro for a beer and they only go up from there. Usually when a club has a high cover….. Drinks are cheaper….. Not here! The more expensive the cover, the more expensive the drinks!

Ibiza is known for being a party island, so it’s easy to forget that people actually LIVE there. There are tons of apartments, grocery stores, offices, and normal day-to-day things. There are an incredible amount of Martin Garrix faces everywhere, along with billboards and posters on every corner, lamppost, establishment, etc. A promoters dream!

Ibiza may be a small island, but it consists of several towns and between the towns…. Lots of nature and beautiful hills covered in greenery. I think people tend to forget that Ibiza is more than just its famous nightlife.

Only other picture I got of that first night... featuring random roundabout rock art.
Only other picture I got of that first night… featuring random roundabout rock art.

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