We are *not* under attack

There was a bit of a scare in the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. Just in case, I was writing about the whole thing. With all the terror in Europe, especially in Paris, they take safety to the max.

13:47 I am currently sitting outside the Paris airport (CDG). I was in the check-in queue about 3 people back when they started ushering people out.

-I had to move away from the car I was sitting by because a lady got out a German Shepard, bomb dog? They just made us move even further. –

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Thank goodness the pound is down. London was so much more affordable than I expected! Plus all the large museums are free and transit has a “daily cap” on how much you can spend.

The supermarkets are cheap, especially the Tescos where you can get £ 1-2 sandwiches and pastas and salads. Make sure to always have an umbrella nearby, because it rains a lot.

London reminded me a lot of NYC, and it felt very “Americanized.” In the theatre district there were some large LED screens for ads, similar but not a big as time square. There were “Pret a Mangers” EVERYWHERE, the only other place I’ve ever seen them is…. NYC. In general there were a lot of chain restaurants, which I haven’t really seen in most of Europe.

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The University of Oxford

In front of the ‘Radcliffe Camera” the oldest library at Oxford.

Here I am at one of the oldest universities, built as early as the 1200s. I did not realize it was such a touristy city, they even have their own big red “hop on-hop off” sightseeing buses. I soon learned that a lot of places in London offer day-trips to Oxford starting around £40. This means a lot of older folks, and Asian tourists, are seen wandering around kind of aimlessly with their cameras. Not a bad thing, just makes for a bit crowded.

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Germany Video Montage

Check out my video from Germany! Featuring clips from Hamburg, Berlin, and Cologne. It’s sometimes hard to remember to take footage, and gets daunting at times. It’s worth it when all I have to do is watch a short video and the memories come flooding back.

Tomorrowland Mini-Aftermovie

I made my own montage from Tomorrowland using clips I took. Check it out below and let me know what you think! It was an amazing day, to read the full story on it, check out here.