Gigi Hadid and Milan Fashion Week

I went to an event at the start of fashion week by Italian clothing company, MaxMara. Their new line featured Gigi Hadid as their model and to promote the line they were having a “See Gigi” event at their flagship store. I decided to go with some friends just to see what was up.

The event was supposed to start at 6pm, but of course it didn’t. We spent almost another hour waiting on her arrival. The crowd kept growing, yelling at random times the way fan-girls tend to do. Everyone was pushing and shoving, but all we could see were what looked like executives or VIPs on the top balcony of the store.

Thing about this event was we weren’t even sure what “See Gigi” really meant. Would there be autographs? A meet and greet? Would she just say hi and show off some clothes? We didn’t want to leave because we already had invested so much time, so we stayed put, feet aching.

VIPs started showing up, more and more. Still no Gigi in site though. These VIPs kept taking our picture…. seemingly amazing that there was such a crowd. How dare you take our pictures while smirking in unbelief? I am not a zoo animal. I am not here for your entertainment. I am an average person that just wants to spot a celebrity, how dare you treat me like a peasant.

Posing for Vogues Fashion Night Out

This is one thing that I’ve noticed about Milan that really bothers me. While something like that may happen in every city during fashion week, this feels almost normal here in Milan. The rich or well-dressed know they look good and they strut their stuff looking down on all the average folk. The wealthy here aren’t very kind. Their body language and attitude is one of, “I’m better than you.” Always. To be treated like a zoo animal is not fun and not cool.

6:48pm on the dot she finally showed up. She was on the store’s upper level waving and sparkling all around. She was dressed in a nude/beige bodysuit with nude/beige heels. Over her shoulders she had a full length gold sparkling trench coat that complemented her blonde hair fairly well. She waved, the crowd chanted her name, she blew a few kisses and then turned around.

Oh great Gigi, yes I know the back of your coat is sparkly, but I didn’t wait an hour to see where the hair on your head meets your neck.

At least we got to see her face for a good 60 seconds. I do think shes prettier in real life than in the photos!
At least we got to see her face for a good 60 seconds. I do think she’s prettier in real life than in the photos!

She was taking photos with all those VIPs, who suddenly went from, “I’m better than the peasants,” to “Omg photo with a celeb!” The crowd was angered, they continuously chanted her name, begging for something more than just an air kiss. My group wasn’t very happy either. Sure we got our photo and proof that we saw her, but is this how the company is going to treat us? The model was late, the event was catered only for the wealthy, and Gigi was barely able to acknowledge the crowd.

I’m sure it isn’t her fault, she did try, but the company could definitely done a few things better to please their future customers (maybe not anymore) along with the likes of their clientele.

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