A Night at San Siro Stadium

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I finally made it to my first european football game, or in american terms, my first european soccer game at the legendary San Siro stadium in Milan. The National Team of Italy vs. the National Team of Germany. Two very well known teams, but I’m…

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EU Daylight Savings

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So apparently….. Europe has a daylights savings as well. This would make a lot of sense. As I woke up today in panic thinking I overslept my alarm, but I found I still had 45 minutes of sleep. Technically I would have overslept, if it…

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Firenze, Italy (Florence)

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David: one of the most iconic pieces of sculpture in the world. Carved from memory and inspiration alone,  Michelangelo was able to embody not just the human figure, but each and every detail of the human body. The way the muscles are sculpted, capturing each…

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Taking the Train in Italy 

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What trains are available Italo – fastest trains between big cities Trenitalia Freccia – Fast trains, multiple types with different speeds, destinations, and luxury Regional – lots of stops, goes to the small cities and stops Intercity – between main Italian cities stopping in the…

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