Vodafone frustrates me – A LOT

In honor of yet another unfair charge I received from Vodafone Italia, I wrote a little song to the tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

This is a story all about how, Vodafone charged me all up and around. Now I’d like to take a minute to ventilate, about how Vodafone cost me much more than they say.
In south Milano, on exchange, I needed phone service, that’s simple to say. 10 a month, 10 for sim, it seemed real good, until I learned how I was a fool.
When of couple of charges came over my way, started draining all the credit I had paid. I tried calling them up, but I got scared. They said, “questo è Vodafone, posso auitarti oggi.”
I tried and I asked “Parli inglese,” but all I got back was a “sono milanese.”
They gave me a “ciao” and I wanted to hit him. I put my phone down and said “I wish I gotten Tim.”
I gave them some more when the zero grew near, my new cycle was closer and was already here.
If anything I can say that this service sucks, but I thought “one more month, just a few more bucks.”
I left Italy in late December, and yell to Voda “I don’t need your number.”
I looked at my phone
It said “AT&T”
To finally surf the web, hidden charge free.

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