Italian Ranting

I’ve complained about Italy quite a bit, and right now I’m going to come clean and share one of my rants. Don’t take it personally, as it was written in a moment of anger. Maybe you’ll relate to it, but I’m sharing to show my real experiences. Despite all my problems encountered by Italians, I think I would come back to Italy, although this time I’ll be more prepared.

If you’ve ever wondered why I think Italians are absolute nightmares, here is how I feel about it. Snow week is a great example because it was run by Italians and was pretty disorganized.

The email says the bus leaves at 5:20pm, but suggests you get there by 5pm so they can load all the stuff. The bus doesn’t arrive til 5:15. Loading doesn’t begin til 5:25. You can’t get on the bus until 5:40. It’s an organized mess trying to give everyone their envelope. The bus finally leaves at 6:30pm. Yeah There is no bathroom on the bus. The door that you think is a bathroom is locked and the sign is scratched out. It’s probably he bathroom, but the driver doesn’t want to clean it so he locks it. Not the first time that has happened.

We finally get to the place. It’s late. Check-in IS a nightmare as the organizers barely speak English. Typical. Host an event for internationals and only speak Italian. We learn that we need everyone’s ID’s. We get that. Then we learn that there is a deposit. No one knows how much. We finally find out. We gather the money. Then they tell us there is also a tourist tax. We pay for it with intent to get the money back from our fellow flatmates. Finally checked in.

Next day. We try to find information. No snow week person knows anything and can barely speak English or tell us what is going on. The front desk is talking to us and as they are talking they shut the window. A minute later one of them comes around and refers us to someone else.

The way back is the same, takes forever to get going on the road. It’s not just this though, my whole time in Italy has been frustrating. Characterized by people who really don’t care. All Italians care about is leisure, which is good in moderation, but all the time, really?

Things Italians are good at:

Blocking doors and sidewalks

Smoking cigarettes

Growing fruit

I hear the coffee is real good, but as someone who cannot properly digest coffee….. it is of no use to me.

Customer service and satisfaction do not exist. People hardly ever seen happy about working. They all seem to hate their jobs or just not care. Some of my professors seem like to like teaching, and a couple of baristas don’t seem to mind, but the checkers at the grocery store, bus drivers, and associates at the phone store just don’t care. Do they want your business? I guess (read it again, but now with an eye-roll and you’ll get what it’s like.)

I’ve written about this topic before, but it’s frustrating. You have to leave at least 10 minutes early because I promise you there will be something that delays your trip. The more transfers you have to make, the earlier you have to leave. Always check your change, they’ll try to short you, especially since you’re foreign.

Did your phone provider charge you for something unfairly? Don’t expect to get that money back. They’ll just shrug and pretend not to speak English or pass you off to their associate. For me, they called customer service until they found an English representative. She wasn’t too helpful either.

It’s also frustrating because in all my classes they talk about customer satisfaction and delight, none of which Italy has. Sure if you buy expensive stuff of course they’ll provide you with top-notch stuff. But if you’re buying day-to-day needs or services, don’t expect much.

Also “international nights” ALWAYS are half Italian. Any event listed as international seemingly has very few internationals at it and mostly just Italians trying to meet internationals. Like I don’t come to those to meet Italians???? Italian men are especially annoying. They expect so much from you, and expect you’ll be smitten immediately. Newsflash: Italians are not very attractive. Everyone, men included, has severe resting bitch face. They hardly smile, so when they do it’s a bit shocking. Still doesn’t help make them anymore attractive. Seriously though, Italians are ugly and not sexy whatsoever. More so just creepy.

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