Throwback: First Days in Australia

I flew to Australia dec 26th and landed dec 28th (yay long flights and time changes!).the next day I went straight to this festival in the bush with some of my friends and their friends. It was hard to get used to the sun, get used to the time change, and used to the culture. I realized that I was very ill-prepared for this trip as I hadn’t really planned anything. Looking back I definitely would have made plans and bought flights prior to arriving in Australia.

“It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s T-minus 8 hours until midnight! We are 17 hours ahead of my hometown Austin and I’ll have 17 hours less in 2017 and 17 additional in 2018 (assuming I don’t change times at nye next yeah aha).

I’m at the festival Lost Paradise And experience what an Australian festival is like. So far I’ve realized that while it’s fairly similar to any other camping festival I’ve been to, I don’t know any of the artists playing because they are mostly Australian. The one artist I did know somewhat well and was excited for was FKJ who played yesterday and exceeded my expectations immensely. He’s pretty much a one man show.

Some of our squad at Lost Paradise

It’s really really hot outside. Like extremely hot sun. I was pretty sun sick the first day, but by today (day 3) I’m feeling much better and well rested. Just hoping I make it through the night this time without passing out. I’m not even drinking much, just water and Powerade.

The group I’m with is some of my friends from their exchange in Austin plus their friends. Thankfully I didn’t have to bring anything like tent or chairs or sleeping bags and it was all provided. These people are incredibly nice and fun. Their into festivals and the music and costumes and it’s inspirational! I’ve been slacking on my creativity and sewing lately and it makes me want to just sit in my room all day and create things.

I’m a little worried about the cost of everything in Australia as I have been slacking on budgeting and really planning activities and things to do and such. After the festival I’m really gonna bunker down and get 👏🏼 things 👏🏼 done 👏🏼.”

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