This is my digital story about my travels.  On June 20th I take my first international flight. Spending 2 months on the road, 4 months studying in Milan.

This isn’t just any travel blog. This is my life, stored in the 2-dimensional world known as the internet. I hope to share my story with you; inspire you; and listen to your story.

linesmeaningMy brand logo represents my life.

The lines represent the 3 tenses.


Because I am who I am because of the moments in time.

bubblesThe purple represents the core interests in my life.

The last one… “Me” is a bit of a catch-all circle. It reminds me that I am not constrained by my 3 core interests.

Crossing the Boundary doesn’t just mean visiting new places.

It means crossing out of my comfort zone and challenging myself to do things that I’ve never done before.

It means taking risks. Building a network. Doing things that scare me.

Welcome to my Digital Story