Getting paid to go to a concert?

That’s right! Through a mutual friend I was hooked up with a job working security for the X Games during their music portion of the event. Blink-182 and All Time Low were playing. While I’m not a hardcore fan or anything, I still know most of their songs from being an avid fan in middle school, and so I sang along while I worked most of the time.

I got to chat with patrons and fans, most of which were really cool and had so much passion. They told me about how they liked to skate and were sad most of the competitions for saturday got rained out. Others said they drove from Dallas, Brownsville, Houston, and all over Texas to see Blink-182 play (the cost was only $60 compared to some other shows with ticket prices up to $200, plus you get to experience the X Games).

Since most of the patrons weren’t ridiculously drunk, and only mildly intoxicated, it made for a really easy security shift. No one was pushing, everyone cooperated, and the most I had to do was tell people not to walk down this hill to the exit (and instead go around to the less muddy and slippery area).

Welcome to Crossing the Boundary!

This blog is all about travelling and leaving your comfort zone.

I recall an instance when I was travelling and was supposed to meet my friend at her house, but no one was home when I got there. I walked to a coffee shop and felt alone. I felt weird asking if I could just hang out and wait there. I only had a backpack and a small bag with me.

It was very uncomfortable. It was also the first time I was making a cross country trip on my own. From Texas to Florida, with stops in between, I could only rely on myself. It was in that coffee shop that I realized I would be slipping out of my comfort zone a lot and that I should embrace it.

Adventure is all about taking risks and learning new things, whether it’s culture or personal realizations, you have to learn to leave your comfort zone.

Crossing the Boundary isn’t just about going abroad or leaving your hometown. It’s about crossing the boundary outside of where you are comfortable, so you can reach further and eventually make it to the stars.