July 2nd – Roskilde Festival

Things have gotten better. I saw Macklemore a couple nights ago and it was a great party. Last night I was blown away by DJ PayPal, playing bass music mixed with hard techno. It was fast, loud, but had a good mix of bass and treble counterparts.

It’s still hard with the language barrier, and being all mostly alone here, but I’ve gotten better at coping. I showered again today and it was great. I think it’s getting colder. When I went to Copenhagen for the day I picked up some more clothes at the thrift shop, including a windbreaker. That’s the Best Buy I’ve ever made.

I am very happy today is the last day and tomorrow morning this doesn’t exist anymore. It’s been a very challenging week, but I’m almost done and I survived!!! I’m ready to leave Denmark on Monday and head to Germany. The weather in Denmark is awful, I’m so sick of this rain.

June 29th – Roskilde Festival

I had a good day yesterday. Visiting the multiple campsites and dancing to music. I’m still struggling with that lost feeling, and it’s not getting any better.

I used to go to festivals for the music, because I wanted to see this artist, that artist. I’m at this point where I’ve seen pretty much every artist I’ve ever wanted to see and everything is just a repeat or something I’m not really into. I go to festivals to just enjoy the atmosphere and experience something.  I’m also at this point where I don’t like going to events by myself. I hate that feeling of being lonely and I’m so tired of it, and that is how I feel now. I think I may go back into Copenhagen either tonight or tomorrow.

As I was writing this, an Australian guy came and sat next to me. He heard my accent and knew I was from the US. It felt good to talk to someone who only spoke English as well.

June 28th – Roskilde Festival

I came up with the concept of this website because when I was traveling  over spring break I had times when I was very uncomfortable. I crossed the boundary outside of my comfort zone. I knew going to Europe would take me outside of my comfort zone, but I couldn’t even imagine the kind of zone I would be in. Everyone always told me, “You’ll be fine! Everyone speaks English.” While that is true, it doesn’t mean that they always speak it. I walk around and all I hear is a sort of jibberish of the Nordic and Germanic languages. Not once have I heard a Romance language (which I have studied and feel somewhat more comfortable with).

Someone will try speaking Danish with me and I’ll say something along the lines of “I don’t speak that,” “I speak English,” or simply “What?” It feels embarrassing and I feel helpless. I can’t tell what anyone is saying. I can only hope that they aren’t gossiping about me.

Coming to the Roskilde festival, I feel so lost. This is unlike anything I could have imagined. It’s what I imagine Burning Man to be kind of like. The festival is its own city and people camp out in their neighborhoods and just sit outside their tents drinking and chilling. People have speakers everywhere; there’s a lot of soundbleed. People have themed camps, some more decorated than others. There are flags of all sorts everywhere. I found a confederate flag, which made me upset a bit. I found a USA and a Mexican flag, but that camp was filled with neither Americans nor Mexicans.

Fourth of July is coming up. I’m feeling real homesick. Who will get excited with me? Will I even celebrate? I’m starting to miss American food, especially Tex-Mex. I miss spices. I miss English being the norm. I miss my American traditions.

I miss bass music and crazy electro music. I can’t quite describe what people play here. They play everything. I went to a major lazer themed party at a camp. That was fun.

I’m tired of feeling alone and lost. I am way out of my comfort zone, it’s getting easier but it’s still hard and uncomfortable. I can only hope this unsettling feeling subsides and I can enjoy myself the rest of this week.