Festivals and Events

Some people go to the beach for their vacations. Some people go skiing for their vacations. I go to festivals.

I’ve travelled all over the United States, rocking out to Wavves, jumping around to Martin Garrix, grooving to The Black Angels, and making a plethora of friends. My favorite part is making lifelong connections with people, I’ve met some of my best friends through festivals!! Check out my story, and like always, I want to hear your story and see your pictures!

Chronological: Most Recent to Oldest

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Spring Awakening 2016 – Chicago, IL

Round Two at SAMF! This year instead of being hosted at Soldier Field, SAMF was hosted at the Adams/Meddill park in west Chicago. People complained that it was in the middle of “Chi-raq,” although it wasn’t. It was in the Little Italy/University area and I felt relatively safe. The park was small, the sound bleed wasn’t bad, everything was easy to walk and get around to.

Deadmau5 played a good set, RL Grime threw down, and the end of Above & Beyond was beautiful.

Artists who really blew me away though: REZZ, followed by, Jai Wolf.

Euphoria Fest 2016 – Austin Texas

This fest was right in the outskirts of my hometown. I joined the street team hanging up posters and got a free 3-day pass. This was my brother’s first festival and it was fun to guide him through the experience (also making sure he was okay because you know I worry).

Eric Prydz was awesome. Bassnectar… was sub-par.

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Ultra Music Festival 2016 – Miami Florida


I actually only went the last day, Sunday. Knife Party and Pendulum headlined and I went absolutely berserk. We were three rows back at the mainstage and I still had plenty of room to dance, surprisingly enough.  I was really impressed with Ultra’s production level and I now understand why it costs so much. The stages are designed really well, the sound is phenomenal, and overall the artists are all dropping new tracks and going 120%.

Raw Paw’s Ditch the Fest – Austin Texas

While not a true festival, I opted for this event over ACL (“Austin City Limits”). I went to ACL a few years ago and sound it sub-par. Ditch the Fest was futuristic themed, hence the gold bodysuit and giant bow. I take fashion seriously and evidently only a minority of people do too. I competed in the costume contest and lost out to a steampunk chick. Oh well, we all have our preferences.

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Mad Decent Block Party 2015 – Brooklyn New York

I didn’t buy a ticket for this event. I was in New York for a week visiting my friend and I could feel my money going down the drain. It was saturday and my friend was at work all day. I was desperate to leave Manhattan, so I hopped on the train to Brooklyn in search of adventure and well, something to do. I remembered MDBP was happening at Coney Island, so I figured I could at least listen to the music from outside the grounds. I met these guys on the train and I was so thankful to FINALLY have found friendly people in NYNY. I told them about the show and they became determined to get in. They had heavy brooklyn accents and started talking to security guards about how they were local and knew the local hood. Compiling our cash and a $100 bill later, all 4 of us were let in. We were just in time to see Die Antwoord and Major Lazer play. I was so overwhelmed with adrenaline and excitement, people nearby kept asking if I was okay or needed water. I danced pretty hard that night.

Lollapalooza 2015 – Chicago Illinois

My absolute FAVORITE festival that I keep coming back to. It’s a great variety of music, a large space, and I always meet the most incredible people. I met this beautiful girl Hanna randomly while wandering around. We jammed out to Kid Cudi and added each other on facebook. ALWAYS ADD YOUR NEW FESTIVAL FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK!!!

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Spring Awakening 2015 – Chicago Illinois

I spent my summer in Chicago, so naturally I had to attend as many big festivals as I could. I hadn’t gone to many electronic-based shows or festivals lately, but luckily my friends up there convinced me to go and I fell in love with it all again. Best moment of the fest? Eric Prydz’s final song “Generate” playing and all of us huddling in a circle, jumping and singing along. It was a great bonding moment.

Levitation 2015 – Austin Texas

Previously known as ‘Austin Psych Fest,’ this festival had great vibes and grooves all around. Featuring bands like The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, and the reunion of 13th Floor Elevators, Levitation was super relaxing. I brought my temporary glitter tattoo kit and proceeded to “fill in” people’s permanent tattoos (see picture to the right).

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FunFunFun Fest 2014 – Austin Texas 

FFF Fest is known for being zany, unique, and most of all FUN! They have a great variety of music and activities. Ever been to a festival that shoots out tacos into the crowd? Yep that’s FunFunFun for you. Besides having 3 music stages, they have a comedy stage, a mini skate park, a wrestling ring, and a lot of cigarette tents sponsoring (seriously there was like 4 and I got a whole ton of free stuff, including free packs of cigs which I gave away because I’m not about that life). The Camel tent even had a “make your own mixtape” booth (seen to the right). Highlight of the fest: Girl Talk and Yelle.

Lollapalooza 2014 – Chicago Illinois

Another weekend filled with so much fun and great memories! Right before everyone became obsessed with Martin Garrix, I saw him at Lolla. His set was crazy and of course, I was dancing full power. Someone was like “Wow you’re a good dancer! You’re really into this!” His crew was the same age as me, and so I hung out with them for most of the fest. Calvin Harris headlined that night and it was great hanging with new friends. The next summer when I lived in Chicago, I reconnected with that group and that is how I made friends in Chicago.

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Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas – Las Vegas Nevada

WHAT AN ADVENTURE! This carnival-style festival was absolutely gorgeous! Everyone was dressed in bright costumes and the grounds had such amazing designs. This is the first and only festival I’ve been to where it wasn’t during the day, instead going from “dusk til dawn.” I had a hard time adjusting my sleep schedule, but it was cool out and the lights from the stages looked amazing. I witnessed a wedding, I walked through a cool tent full of 3-D blacklight art, and met a lot of other people from Texas. The Circuit Grounds stage was my favorite (big dome stage), and Kinetic Field (main stage) was cool, but the sound quality was lacking.

Euphoria Fest 2014 – Austin Texas

I also promoted for this event. It was with a 3rd party, so communication got scrambled and I was only able to go on Saturday. In 2014, this festival was rather unorganized, but it’s grown to feature larger artists and it’s promo team is on point. I had fun here, but not really a huge fan of the people I hung out with.

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X Games Austin 2014 – Austin Texas 

Have you ever seen skateboarders and BMX bikers fly through the air 100 ft away from you? I was astounded by some of the events I saw that weekend. Watching on TV is cool, but seeing it live is mind blowing. I primarily bought tickets to this to see Pretty Lights, but I didn’t even end up going to the concert portion because it got crowded too fast. No big deal, seeing exotic sports was good enough for me!

South by Southwest 2014 – Austin Texas

This was my second year to volunteer with SXSW. I worked on the film projectionist crew. Basically I set up the film, made sure it was running smoothly, and then watched the film for 2 hours or however long it took. We didn’t get to work any super big film events, but I watched a documentary on puzzle competitions. Sounds boring, but I promise it’s a lot more interesting than it sounds.

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Austin City Limits 2013 – Austin Texas

After attending Lollapalooza, I expected ACL to be of similar production level, since C3 Presents produces both festivals. My expectations were set too high and I found Zilker park to be too small of a space to fit all 8 stages. This left little room for “experience” aspects such as art installations, sponsored content booths, and places to hang your hammock. Depsite all that, it was nice to be around all my high school peers and skip school on friday.

Lollapalooza 2013 – Chicago Illinois

My very first festival (confined within a park)! Flying into Chicago, I instantly fell in love. Grant Park is huge and provides a beautiful view of the Chicago Skyline and the Lake Michigan sky. My mom actually accompanied me to this festival. She wasn’t a huge fan of the bass, so she tended to hang near the back of the main stages while I wandered everywhere. I made a few friends, but the highlight was definitely seeing Knife Party.

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South by Southwest 2013 – Austin Texas

My first taste of freedom! I was really surprised by how okay my parents were with me going downtown during the craziness of SXSW! This was the first year I worked as a volunteer and I worked on the “Outdoor Stage” team at Auditorium Shores. This was a series of free shows put on by SXSW, the biggest artist being The Flaming Lips. Having a SXSW badge, I got to attend the Trade Show, learn about a ton of new companies, and get my first taste of networking. I got to see a headliner at an EDM show for the first time, being The Road to Ultra: Fedde Le Grande.