These are some of the highlights of the places I have been. Natural beauties, architecture, tourists spots and more.


Chronology: Most Recent to Latest

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Miami Beach – Miami Beach, Florida

I always thought Miami Beach would be full of frat girls and boys and be unbearable. The
opposite in fact is true. During spring break (when I went) it was still full of Cubans, hispanics, and overall very fun people (not douchy!). People were playing music, tossing the beach ball around, tanning, talking to new people, and of course, drinking.

Fun Fact: The inventor of suntan lotion, Benjamin Green, was from Miami Beach.

Jacob’s Well – Driftwood Texas 

It took some courage to jump off the rock into the well. Being up there, you see how far away the water is from the jump point. I jumped quite a few times, the cold water felt good in the Texas heat. To visit you have to make a reservation in advance.

-30 feet deep vertically, angled downward for total of 120 ft
-Part of the Trinity Aquifer, which is one of the biggest water sources to recharge the Edwards Aquifer
– 68 degrees year round

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Empire State Building – New York, New York

Fun Facts:
-Built in the 1930s in only 11 months
– 1,250 feet tall
– 102 floors
– Gets struck by lighting ~100 times a year
– Made of Indiana Limestone
– Has its own zip code: 10118
– Tallest LEED-certified building in the world

Marie Laveau Grave – New Orleans Louisiana

Marie Laveau died June 15, 1881. She was known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She is buried in St. Louis Cemetery #1, known as the spookiest cemetery in America. Many have claimed to see the ghost of the Voodoo Queen and many other spirits. People leave gifts and flowers at her tomb, making a wish and calling upon her voodoo powers. If their wish comes true, they are supposed to come back to the grave and mark “XXX,” as a thank you for granting their wish.

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Hoover Dam – Nevada

I couldn’t find any Autobots or Decepticons (believe me I looked), but I did buy a cool magnet (dorky, I know). We went here on the way to Las Vegas. I had to persuade my friends to take a stop here, because why not? It’s a great piece of construction, a great photo op, and it was on the way to Vegas! Okay I’ll admit it, I really just wanted to see a transformer.

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Grand Canyon – Arizona

So beautiful, only a panoramic picture could justify the vastness that the Grand Canyon is. When I saw it for the first time I thought I was looking at a painting. “This just can’t be real!” The Grand Canyon in total is about 277 miles long, 10 feet across (on average), and 1 mile deep.  It was formed by the Colorado river over  3.6 million years, and is still changing to this day. Types of rocks & minerals found in the Canyon include: Quartz, Calcite, Clay, Gypsum, Copper, Silver, Uranium among others.